Friday, October 14, 2005

this is so embarrassing & lame tt i don't even have the nerve to write it anywhere... shall just write here & swear tt no one shall see it
1. girl & guy can never ever maintain a simple relationship of juz friends unless of course they are homosexuals. or else things will bound to happen, rumours start, sparks fly & finally u're in trouble
2. girl & guy can never have close contact.. NEVER! OMG NO... this is urgh... i'm disgusted that i even did tt. it is damn embarrasing. but it was never my intention to flirt.... never! i'm so srry... to myself..
3. avoid a rumour @ all cost... it gives u dellusions
4. suggestions has been made for me to tone down... but that won't be me anymore.. how? my heart tells me to juz be the way i am... who should i follow?
5. so be me & be happy... it was juz a dellusion and really... who knows it might just be possible to be frens... rite? i believe so too cus really... he's a nice friend to have :)
resolved! now back to my main blog! lol