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01 November 2006 Japan Radio: Love FM The Request Show Interview

01 November 2006 Japan Radio: Love FM The Request Show Interview

To hear the interview:

DJ: Song playing just now is John Hoon's Sirius.

DJ: Lets us welcome our guest today John Hoon! Nice to meet you. (In Japanese greeting)

JH: Hello, I am John Hoon.

DJ: You speak well in Japanese, I am learning Korean, u want to hear “Hello, I am Sachico, nice to meet you”

JH: Wow, you are good!

DJ: I am happy to hear that! Jeong Hoon speaks good Japanese, how does he practice?

JH: Actually now I am still learning, I am only at the beginner’s level; but during the recording of the album, I realized that is very important to really understand the lyrics and meaning, that is why I paid extra attention to pronouncing the words.

DJ: Korean and Japanese pronounciations have wide differences and some are quite difficult.

JH: Korean and Japanese really have many differences. For example, if you speak in Japanese but with Korean way of pronouncing, it sounds weird, that is why I specially take note of this when I start to learn Japanese.

DJ: John Hoon’s listening skills is good, especially in the areas of differentiating pronounciations.

JH: I think I am not that good. Please don't praise me in that way.

DJ: We are very happy to hear John Hoon solo album on the radio. JH clear cut, soft voice plus his accurate Japanese pronounciation is touching when we listen to his songs. We also want to thank John Hoon for letting hear such a beautiful voice.

DJ: Yesterday you had a 2nd activity at Japan North Kyushu, what was it all about? What are your feelings towards it, can you tell us?

JH: First of all, this is my debut in Japan, I had a Concert cum Hand-Shaking Session at Tokyo first. Yesterday I went Fukuoka the first time, for my debut-making activities. I was very nervous, initially I keep hoping even if there is only one person or maybe more people will come to my debut and together with my supporters, I definitely will spread the happy atmosphere of the performance stage to everybody. In the end, many people turned up, not only fans from Fukuoka but also fans from other parts of Japan came specially to see me. Shoppers there also watch me perform. Everybody below the stage listened to me attentively, I am very touched and happy and it motivates me to want to perform better.

DJ: John Hoon really is a diligent, serious person, not too bad man! Yesterday at the event, John Hoon singing was great! During the interview, he not only sang in Japanese, but he also truly understood the lyrics and meaning, and sang with his heart and feelings, it is very touching!

DJ: As a singer cum actor, now John Hoon is starting to be active in his singer promotional events, so he will become very busy. Please take care of your health, do not fall sick because of fatigue.

JH: Thank you everyone.

DJ: John Hoon has officially made his debut in Japan and released 5 Stella Lights. What does the name of the CD mean?

JH: 5 Stella Lights actually refers to the 5 songs in the CD which have 5 different types of star lights. Every star has different shine and colour, just like the 5 songs have different meaning. Then the 5 star lights (5 songs) gather and form into John Hoon. The other meaning is that it also encompasses John Hoon hopes of becoming a shining star.

DJ: This theme is really very romantic; it completely fits the John Hoon now.

JH: Thank you.

DJ: As for the songs, those that have love stories and other different feelings, when you sing you have to express yourself with strong emotions, it must have been difficult!

JH: Now I am 26, so I have some experience in relationships but a lot or a little I am not sure. But I use my love experiences as a basic fundamental to express the different songs’ feelings and mood. Like I said just now, using Japanese to convey the lyrics is difficult for me, but good thing there are many Japanese staff helping me in all areas then I can finish recording this album smoothly.

DJ: This time the Mini Album 5 Stella Lights comes with a DVD, inside the DVD there is Sirius MV and also scene production videos, I watched a little just now, the acting is great!

JH: PV? I didn't really act.

DJ: No no, you are too modest. When you were holding the camera taking pictures, looking in front, it seems as if there is really someone there, the kind of eye expression really feels like acting.

JH: Although is only joking, to have higher cd sales, I did put in effort to act.

DJ: The good result is out, so there is surely no problem!

JH: Thank you.

DJ: The John Hoon we see in the scene production video and the John Hoon we normally see is the same.

JH: Yes that's right.

DJ: The free things also include next year calendar.

JH: I feel a little bad about the photos on the calendar. As the photos are taken very long ago, they are not done in one day. Some are taken in the day, some in the night, my face in the day and night feels different, that is why the photos look different. I dont like some of the photos but they are still chosen. Some of them look weird, so I feel a bit shy, ashamed towards them. Sorry I feel like L aunty. (Jap-Chinese Translator does not know it means.)

DJ: Let the fans admire the pictures! In the 5 songs, there is lyrics-writer Kyoko-San and producer Akira-San whom have produced impressive work.

JH: Yes.

DJ: What are your plans after this?

JH: I am making my debut tour around Japan, meeting people and I will sing in front of everyone. Then in December, I will hold a concert in Tokyo. I dont have many songs now so I will sing other singers songs. I want to perform on the dazzling stage to express my songs to people.

DJ: Lets us look forward to John Hoon concert in December at Tokyo. You came Fukuoka yesterday, what impression do you have of Fukuoka?

JH: I have heard a lot about Fukuoka before coming, and I have always looked forward to coming. Coming here is like being in Korea, there is sense of closeness to home. The food taste good too. Many Kyushu people are pretty. I feel really happy to come Fukuoka. I will come again if there is a chance.

DJ: Please do come to Fukuoka again.

DJ: As there are many listeners today, please say some things before you leave.

JH: Ever since I make a debut in Japan, there are people who know me as a singer, there are those who know me from Goong, and there are people who probably do not know me at all. Whatever it is, I will work hard, please support me. Thank you.

DJ: Last Wednesday, JH officially made debut in Japan and the album is selling now, everyone, please do support. Before you leave, please introduce one song.

JH: Still Believe.

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