Monday, March 05, 2007

Midnight Sun

The story is centered around Kaoru, who is out almost every night playing and singing in front of the train station. At day she sleeps, but every morning she sits by the window of her room to watch a young surfer, Koji Fujishiro (藤代 孝治), played by Takashi Tsukamoto, who usually waits by a bus stop for his friends before they go surfing each morning. She develops a crush on the boy, even though she doesn't even know him.

Until one night, when she is playing as usual by the train station she sees Koji pass by. She leaves her guitar and runs after him, running into him and knocking him over when she finally catches up to him by a tram crossing. She then proceeds to clumsily introduce herself in a way that leaves Koji utterly confused and her friend embarrassed. When her friend drags her home, they sit by Kaoru's window while they watch Koji meet up with his friends by the bus stop. Kaoru explains everything, and her friend notes that she probably goes to the same school as him, and offers to spy on him with a camcorder and find out about him for her.

The next night she sits by the bus stop before going home after singing, and she plays a song there and sings with her eyes closed, and afterwards opens them to find Kouji having arrived on his scooter. Both embarrassed, they start talking and Koji eventually promises to meet her and listen to her sing another night, at the start of the school holidays. When they meet up, another, obnoxious street performer has taken her spot in front of the train station. Koji decides to take her to the city, where after running around seeing the sights, she starts playing in a street square. A huge crowd gathers to hear her play and sing. After they sit on stairs and watch the ocean. A moment after Koji asks her out.

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