Sunday, January 13, 2008

Dead Like Me My Room (1.6)

My Room (1.6)

Angus the Cook: Who's complaining about the eggs?
Rube: Oh, no complaints, just observations.
Angus the Cook: Such as?
Rube: The eggs are not good. Its normally a moot point at the a la carte price of $2.95. I love eggs. I love 'em fried, scrambled, soft-boiled, florentine. These I didn't like. So who do we blame - the hen or the cook?
[Angus has a very sour look]
Rube: Let's blame the hen.
[Angus walks away]
Rube: He's a nice guy.

[The bowling team picks up George and cheers after she wins the game]
George: [voiceover] I felt something I had never felt before - a hand on my ass. Who the hell was cupping my ass? Probably that perv from I.S. [Looks at Delores] Oh God, I hope it was that perv from I.S. I also felt something else... that in some strange undead way, I was alive. I was flying.

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