Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Dead Like Me Reapercussions (1.4)

George: I was just calling you, to see if there was anything I could do to help.
George: [voiceover] I became aware of the words only after they left my mouth.
Dolores: I like the way you show initiative, Millie. I like it a lot. I'd better watch my back, pretty soon you'll have my job.
George: Only after you get a promotion.
Dolores: Oh.
George: [voiceover] I felt dirty.

Mason: I feel like I've been poisoned. Have you been poisoned?
Rube: No, not on purpose. I had some bad salmon once. I don't touch the stuff anymore.
Mason: Was it salmon mousse?
Rube: I don't know. It was canned.
[This is a reference to Monty Python's Meaning of Life where the Grim Reaper tells some snobs that they all died from eating bad salmon mousse made with canned salmon]

Rube: You pulled the wrong piece out of the Jenga tower little girl. You know what a hiccup is?
George: Yes.
Rube: You got yourself a hiccup. Something happens that's not supposed to happen. System has to figure out what that something is and fix it. P. J. Monroe.
George: I'm sorry.
Rube: What'd you do? Slash his tires? Have him arrested?
George: I just talked to him.
Rube: Must have been some conversation.
George: I guess.
Rube: I hope it was worth it. What, you got the hots for the guy or something?
George: No!
Rube: What, he give you some money?
George: No! (Looks away.)
Rube: Help me out.
George: I just wanted to see if I could do it?
Rube: I need somebody to give me lessons on how to communicate with you, Peanut, cuz I'm at a loss. The coin's in the slot, the gumball's on its way, and I'm plum out of wisdom. I'd start sleeping with the lights on if I were you.
George[voiceover]: I didn't know if that was a threat or a warning... Rube washed his hands of me. But that didn't mean I was off the hook. It only got worse. I broke the rules. The gravelings declared hunting season on my ass.

Mason: Heed his advice, and stay on his good side. He's like a volcano, George, he erupts and he spews lava on all the little villages, they run around and, they run around for their lives. But, you know, he stops, and you can go back to the safety of your own home.

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