Monday, May 09, 2005

wad he said...

敏:RJC 翠谷很好看,去不去?
他:what r the story
他:哦,看起来很适合你 :P
敏:... 怎么说?
敏:欠扁 :p
他:u r always lose in this world, rn't u?
敏: do i always look lost to u?
敏:den what makes u think i'm lost? gut feeling?
他:it is alright. r u going 2 tj? tmr?
敏:how much? 8 bucks also?
他:yup, starts at 7.30pm
敏:i'll consider...i'm broke...thanks anyway :)
敏:u going huh?
他:i suppose went today, but as some reason i didn't go. sad :'(
敏:u nt going tml? get a refund or smthing
他:i won't spend $16 2 watch 1 show
敏:nt spend, like ask them whether can xchange a fri ticket for sat ticket
他:cannot lah
敏:what makes u so sure?
他:u can try if u want, & that will be ur free ticket tmr, haha, gd luck
敏:i haf senior there, i'll help u ask, i dun wanna go. u want? if u wanna go then i ask my senior, if u dun wan den i won't ask
他:thx anyway, u r always a good guy
他: i hope my gf would be same as u
他:i mean charac
敏:haf fun finding ur gf then, some of the schlars i know are very nice, can go find them
他:thx anyway
敏: dun stand on a ceremony
他:wad does that mean?

guess that was the end of our conversation... go figure...
i think i'll die of shame if i read this at a later date but dun care... haha.. just wanna put this here now... i'm so happy...! things are going well..! haha... life is so lovely... so cherishable..haha

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