Wednesday, May 04, 2005

she's going away

she's drifting away from me.... i don't seem to care, or maybe i'm too selfish to care.. she hasn't been in sch for a week or so.... whereas i'm too tired to return her msges... only to msg her at around midnight when she's asleep...
i've learnt not to take things to heart, learnt to let go, learnt that some things are w/i ur control, others not. i assume i can take on more challenges, yet at the back of my head my assholic inner voice tells me otherwise.
weilian is looking after her as well, burdened shared, but problem unresolved. she's becoming less open... or maybe she didn't even open up at all...
bits and pieces bits and pieces. that's all that she has told me plus some bonus here and there when i earned her trust bit by bit... it didn't get me anywhere, the picture i formed with whatever i had didn't make sense.
no one made sense of what she was doing either... as long as she remains obstinate and doesn't change her thinking, we can't help... can we?
now i have this sinking feeling that it's my fault... stupid... i need to see a physcologist as well... haha.. i need someone to anaylise my character.. DISC crap doesn't help... believe me... what they want is only the surface.. i need in depth stuff... makes sense?

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